Thursday, February 1, 2007

My Face of Darkness

Middle of the road,
center of the highway,
waiting for traffic to come
and sweep my worries away.

Ventilators are far easier
than trying to find reasons for every breath.
In, out, in, out, in,
hold it until you burst.
Brighten the walls if not the world.

Some say I’m depressive,
I prefer antagonistic.
Try to outdo me.
I dare you to loathe the world
as much as I wish I could love it.

We’re opposites, attracting,
and it’s about time you realized
We’ll lose interest before
We ever figure all this out.

Broken, blistered,
healed, and tainted.
But still wishing on the stars
that have already burned out.

Ever notice the ones that burn the brightest
are the first to fade away?
I was bright once too,
that’s what they’ll say.

What they won’t tell you,
is how I got here.
You’ll learn though.
This road, it’s contagious,
and you may not know it yet,
but you’re only a few twists and turns away.

Life’s ironic like that,
you just have to learn to laugh.
Laugh at the heartaches,
the losses, the pain,
and maybe someday it’ll give up.

Life gave up on me a long time ago,
I have a slight case of ignorance
So this is me holding on,
this is me not letting go.

This is me in the truest, barest,
most disgustingly honest hues.
The truth may be ugly,
but from far away I look beautiful.

The scars are minute,
the darkness shadows all truth,
and you’d come running
if you ever saw the paths I took.

They’re beautiful, and dangerous,
and in the end you’ll see
why your darkest moments,
Are equally as enlightening.

If you can look in the mirror
and accept your face of darkness,
I applaud you.
I can barely manage to glance at mine.